A golden nugget on so-called Greek golden nuggets, Rodney J. Decker

I’m currently reading, on and off, Rodney J. Decker‘s excellent, Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction and Integrated Workbook, Baker Academic, Grand Rapids 2014 and I had to share this with those who take seriously New Testament Greek.

P. 47, n. 5: “Do not try to make every little difference in Greek the basis for some special nuance – a ‘golden nugget.’ As you hear people talking about the Greek NT (whether commentators, preachers, or Bible study leaders), it is often a safe rule of thumb that their reliable knowledge of Greek is inversely proportionate to the number of ‘golden nuggets’ that they find in the text.”



Un dei brani più famosi per un “golden nugget” lessicale è Giovanni 21, su cui potete leggere questa risorsa.

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