Fighting to read! Peter Gentry, How to Read and Understand the Biblical Prophets

I’m at My favorite coffe bar in Florence fighting to carve out time to read. I love reading in biblical studies (obviously) for myself, but also to be able to give back, to be able pass on to others what I learn. But time is exceedingly limited 🙁 I’ve been privileged to travel much lately for speaking engagements on Luther and, more than ever, have been doing administration and coordination, due to the leave my local church colleague is taking. *Thank you for your prayers for me* that I’d be faithful in the many responsibilities God has graced me with and that, in his mercy, I’d be able to fight to find the time for one of my deepest loves: continual reading in biblical studies.

The current book I‘m reading looks excellent: Peter Gentry: How to Read and Understand Biblical Prophets. Hope to be able to pass on one day to my Nuova Vita Church interns and, of course (whether in a direct or indirect way) to the Logos Church of which I’m pastor theologian. I covet your prayers for my growth in wisdom and knowledge and in an ever increasing conformity to Christ!

Here’s a book I just finished recently.

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